Puppies due mid December

You may know of a certain statue in Keswick ?

It’s probably the most photographed thing in Keswick right now.
We’ll we’ve been asked quite a few times if there was going to be a mini Max bronze resin or cast statue.

Plain and simply the answer is no. Simple really as it’s just too expensive to produce a ‘limited edition’ or run of models, it’s not really what we wanted, Max’s statue was community funded. There’s only one Max, so only one Max statue

However in order to get and affordable Mini Max  we started having a discussion with Keel Toys, one of the UK’s major supplier of soft toys. Could you make an ‘affordable’ Mini Max puppy, with his signature orange collar and his very own mini PDSA Order of Merit?

Of course they could and they are.

Now before we all start jumping and bouncing around like Paddy in bracken on speed there is a bit of a handbrake. It’s called Covid 19

This virus has hit all industries worldwide. And Mini Max will be no exception in being delayed. Delivery should take place mid to late December, to us. There is no guarantee of Christmas delivery. Maybe you could send an ‘IOU a Mini Max Puppy’ for the 25th (just in case)

We are going to open up pre ordering of Mini Max’s from the 1st December, delivery will take place as soon as their furry paws kit the ground. We can but do our best, please note we can’t reserve them as we just don’t have the admin or manpower! (Pawpower?)

All I can add is that we have a sample at the store, it’s the one in the photographs. It’s as near to Max’s markings as we can get it. It’s got big ears, big eyes and big appeal. He’s very cute!

We’re really proud of Mini Max and I hope if you can offer a home to one and promise is you’ll love it, keep him warm, clean and cuddled for life, just as all puppies should be.

Mini Max is a bespoke toy and is only available through our online store

For more information and some very cute pictures of Mini Max click click the link below