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Forever Max (book 2)

***The No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller***

The heartwarming, inspiring final chapter in the life of Max the Miracle dog

A dog can be more than just a best friend.

Sometimes they can be our hero.

Shortly after a traumatic car accident, Kerry Irving met Max, a Springer Spaniel who completely changed his life. But Max didn’t stop there. For over ten years, he was a source of inspiration to countless others around the world, with hundreds of thousands of pounds being raised in his name. His was truly a life well lived.

Forever Max sees Kerry and his trusted companion take on their final adventures around the Lake District, from providing joy to those stuck inside through lockdown to adjusting to Max’s twilight years – helped along every step of the way by fellow spaniels Paddy and Harry.

Following on from the bestseller Max the Miracle Dog, this touching tribute celebrates a much-loved, much-missed dog and his incredible legacy.

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'Max the miracle dog' helps fund 

Great North Air Ambulance vehicle'

A springer spaniel who became an online star for his daily walks has helped fund an emergency vehicle for the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS).

Before his death in April, "Max the Miracle Dog" gained worldwide fame when videos in the Lake District were posted on Facebook.

About £120,000 was raised through charity events involving him and fellow spaniels Paddy and Harry.

The vehicle, which carries Max's pawprint, will be used in Cumbria.

The keys were handed over at an event held in Keswick on Saturday. Kerry Irving, owner of the three dogs, credits Max with saving his life when he was troubled by depression and severe pain following a car crash.

He said: "Max was there when I needed him.

"[His] popularity went on to help thousands of other people up until he passed away.

"Helping others in need is the greatest gift we can all give and our community-funded critical care vehicle given to GNAAS will help thousands of people in their hour of need."

Max's legacy 'lives on'
Shortly before 14-year-old Max's death, a fundraising walk saw the dogs named honorary crew GNAAS members in recognition of their efforts.

Paddy and Harry are continuing to raise funds for charities as part of Max Out in the Lake District.

Max The Miracle Dog (book 1)

Max the Miracle Dog: The Heart-warming Tale of a Life-saving Friendship by Kerry Irving

The Sunday Times bestseller

'Are you ready, Max? If anyone's going to help me do this, it's you.'

The heart-warming tale of a life-saving friendship.

In 2006, a traumatic car accident changed Kerry Irving's life forever.

Suffering from severe neck and back injuries, Kerry was unemployed and housebound, struggling with depression and even thoughts of suicide. He went from cycling over 600 miles a month to becoming a prisoner in his own home.

With hope all but lost, Kerry's wife encouraged him to go on a short walk to the local shop. In the face of unbearable pain and overwhelming panic, he persevered and along the way, met an adorable yard dog named Max. As the Spaniel peered up through the railings, Kerry found comfort and encouragement in his soulful brown eyes. This chance encounter marked a turning point in both their lives.

In Max, Kerry found comfort and motivation and in Kerry, Max found someone to care for him. This is their remarkable, inspiring story.