Paella Pupdate

Two meets with Miss Bella this week and boy is she looking well.
It’s not long to go now for the Paella Pups.
The end of the month looms and Paddy’s single life comes to an end, the playboy lifestyle, bracken jumping, jetty jumping will continue of course. No change then really?

Bella 2jpg
Miss Bella looking radiant

We want Paddy to be able to visit the pups when it’s safe to do so, hence weekly meetings with Miss Bella now to keep her at ease when the first visit takes place. They get on really well and have now had quite a few romantic days in the woods and moors.

Of course Paddy was ‘very’ excited to see her and she him, but even he seems to realise this free running beautiful girl, has changed somewhat and he seemed to understand and respect she didn’t want or encourage his ‘advances’ should we say?

Bella 6jpg
The happy couple

I’m sure Miss Bella won’t mind us talking about the delicate subject of her weight gain as she’s gained around 2kgs over the last couple of weeks and we’d expect her to start piling a few more on before the pups arrive.
Miss Bella is quite a slim built lady, keeping her condition is critical as the pups develop they’ll take a lot of nutrient from feeding from her and it's important to keep her and the pups nourished. We’re feeding her Pooch and Mutt Puppy Superfood, which is a high protein and high fat, dry food which is what she needs right now.
Bella 5jpg
The soft brown eyes that captured Paddy's attentions....

Actually Miss Bella is like me really, always hungry!

Also noticeable is her change in her habits, shes become quite clingy, preferring shorter walks. Nature has its ways of preparing what’s to come and all we can do is hope they arrive safely and healthy.

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