Prince Harry’s Birthday Walk For Scotty’s Little Soldiers

On the 12th of November, two days before Remembrance Sunday,  I will set off on a 16 mile walk accompanied by Paddy and Harry our Springer Spaniels. Max will have to sit this one out as it’s too far for him, but he’ll be with us in our hearts all the way!

We’ll be walking in some of the most scenic and rugged parts of the Lake District. This is also a personal challenge for me hence why I’m just walking solo with my boys, Harry who turns 3 on 19th November and Paddy who will be five in January. I’ll be wearing a GPS ‘live’ tracker so you can follow our progress on the day and Harry will be wearing a gps monitor to track his mileage too (more about that soon!)

Harry is a very gentle dog, he has a very calming manner. His role in our team is to help and support all aspects of mental health and those suffering with PTSD. We have walked and talked with many serving and retired armed forces personnel. This is Harry’s birthday day walk, helping others on his big day.

Sixteen miles walking in beautiful surroundings and I’m lucky to be able to do it. The walk should take around 7 hours give or take.

Basically I’m giving one working day of my life to support an amazing little charity, when some mothers and fathers serving in our military forces gave up everything, they call it the ultimate sacrifice. They will never get to walk these lands again, see the sights, feel the rain or wind on their faces. They will never see their children grow, hear them say their first words, watch them ride a bike, learn to swim, play football, go to university fall in love or ever hold a grandchild. They will never hear them cry. The things we take for granted, lost.

But that’s where we can help ease that pain.

You see I’m walking in aid of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, a charity providing relief from the effects of bereavement for young people who have experienced the death of a parent who served with the Armed Forces of the Crown

If you feel able to support our cause no matter how little, your donation today will help the charity provide its beneficiaries with support and guidance throughout their childhood and offers a respite, however brief, from the daily ups and downs of coping with the loss of a parent.

Assistance is available to families from the British Army, Royal Navy or RAF and includes both Regular and Reserve forces.

Scotty's services are delivered through four family programmes: Smiles, Support, Strides

Please click the link if you would like to donate

Max the Amplifon Brave Britons Hero Pet Award Winner 2021

Excerpt from - Max the Miracle Dog

Sure enough, as I led the way towards a bench overlooking the town towards the lake and surrounding fells, Max trotted alongside me. He seemed to share my air of contentment and enjoyment of this quiet moment of freedom. Carefully, with one hand on the back of the bench to support myself, I settled into my seat. As I did so, Max hopped up alongside me. He settled on his rear haunches, panting happily while leaning against me.

I looked across at my new friend. He needed a bath, I thought to myself, and a good brush, but underneath it all was a wonderful dog. We had come as far as I could manage, which was really no distance at all, but Max seemed quite content. He wasn’t restless, as I had imagined he’d be, anxious about being out with someone he didn’t know or challenging in any way. Having been watching the world through the railings of his yard, I wondered if he was just enjoying the same sense of freedom as me. If anyone understood how I was feeling, I thought to myself, it was this little chap. I sensed him press against me a little more. I responded in kind and it felt lovely. There was no rush to get back, I decided. We had only been gone for 15 minutes at the most. I could hardly return him home now and claim he’d had a decent walk. With this in mind, I settled into the bench and let the sun bathe my face. It was so peaceful and still up there.

With Max at my side, for the first time in an age I felt free.

It was then, some time in that moment of stillness and contemplation, that things seemed considerably brighter. I sat there thinking about what I could do with my life, a question I had been turning over in my mind for some time, when the answer just fell into place. I was taking in my surroundings, which stretched out beyond a rusty gate, over the rooftops to the wilderness beyond. ‘Do you see that?’ I said to Max and pointed towards the majestic mountain rise that shouldered the lake shore. ‘That’s Catbells, it’s one of my favourite places. I used to take my bike up there. I just haven’t been well enough to get out and about in a long time.”

‘One day,’ I told him, ‘we’ll go there for a walk. We’ll make it happen. What do you think?’

And we did, we met many others also on their own personal journey. We started talking about depression, anxieties, lack of confidence, difficult childhoods, loss, grief bereavement and PTSD. Subjects which were once hidden away hoping one day they’ll join normal conversation and not be hidden away.

To give people the ability to talk openly and freely about their own stories.

And through the medium of our dogs we’ve heard hundreds, probably thousands of them.

And it’s all down to our boy Max and the freedom he has given us. Freedom to enjoy the great outdoors.

Jump forward from twelve years to present day and Max will make his way to St John’s Church hop up and wait for me to join him on our bench and gaze towards Catbells. It’s as if he knows what he’s achieved, he’s carried me and so many others out of our darkest days, to make life brighter an oh so much better. He guides you with a spring in his step and a swishing tail, but always a with a watchful gaze. He knows.

My journey started with Max and never a day goes by when I think about how lucky we are to have him. How grateful I am and always will be to have had him in my life. My heart bursts with pride when people tell me how much Max Paddy and Harry have helped them.

You see Max has always been our hero.and today is his reward day.

Thank you Amplifon and to all the incredible stories of the nominees in our group, you are all amazing.

Puppies due mid December

You may know of a certain statue in Keswick ?

It’s probably the most photographed thing in Keswick right now.
We’ll we’ve been asked quite a few times if there was going to be a mini Max bronze resin or cast statue.

Plain and simply the answer is no. Simple really as it’s just too expensive to produce a ‘limited edition’ or run of models, it’s not really what we wanted, Max’s statue was community funded. There’s only one Max, so only one Max statue

However in order to get and affordable Mini Max  we started having a discussion with Keel Toys, one of the UK’s major supplier of soft toys. Could you make an ‘affordable’ Mini Max puppy, with his signature orange collar and his very own mini PDSA Order of Merit?

Of course they could and they are.

Now before we all start jumping and bouncing around like Paddy in bracken on speed there is a bit of a handbrake. It’s called Covid 19

This virus has hit all industries worldwide. And Mini Max will be no exception in being delayed. Delivery should take place mid to late December, to us. There is no guarantee of Christmas delivery. Maybe you could send an ‘IOU a Mini Max Puppy’ for the 25th (just in case)

We are going to open up pre ordering of Mini Max’s from the 1st December, delivery will take place as soon as their furry paws kit the ground. We can but do our best, please note we can’t reserve them as we just don’t have the admin or manpower! (Pawpower?)

All I can add is that we have a sample at the store, it’s the one in the photographs. It’s as near to Max’s markings as we can get it. It’s got big ears, big eyes and big appeal. He’s very cute!

We’re really proud of Mini Max and I hope if you can offer a home to one and promise is you’ll love it, keep him warm, clean and cuddled for life, just as all puppies should be.

Mini Max is a bespoke toy and is only available through our online store

For more information and some very cute pictures of Mini Max click click the link below

Happy Birthday Max.

Roughly eight hours separate these two pictures.

The first picture was taken at 5.15am and is of a very content dog fast asleep in my tent having never been out in a tent before, sleeping soundly. This was the day we’d conquer or fail in our effort to summit Ben Nevis back in 2012.

As for Max, we’ll he was just happy to be with me and I was just so grateful that he was. Without Max I don’t think I’d be here telling you our story. I didn’t know what to expect going up the Ben, nervous, anxious and very much in pain. Max constantly looking over me, reassuring me and always there for me. The bond was strong.
Max just happy to be involved in what would become the greatest turning point of our lives, as Max’s life changed somewhat too.
Chronic pain is debilitating, it drags and wears you down as does depression. Why did I choose to sleep in a tent with excruciating pain? It was all I could afford is the honest answer.

The second picture was taken at 13.37pm showing Max fast asleep having eaten a well deserved meal. He’s sleeping with the stick he carried all the way up the 1345m summit of Ben Nevis and brought it back down again.

He did the same with me.

He carried my hopes, fears, the constant pain, but he eased my suffering, he stopped the tears and never once questioned my actions. He never criticised my speed, the way I walked or how slow I went. He never told me off for cursing or asked me to hurry up. When I wanted to give in he looked right into me. He shared his strength, his love and total devotion. I had a very special dog at my side and we beat the mountain, a day that would make us both stronger. Healthier in mind and body. We beat the mountain.

Life changing stuff really.

Nine years on and look what we’ve achieved together, the people we’ve been so lucky to meet. The people who share their stories with us. These people make us all stronger. I’m told that we inspire others. Truth be told, people inspire me, children inspire me when they tell me what Max Paddy and Harry mean to them. There are things in my life I did wrong, but the one thing I did right was write a book. A book which cast away so many harsh and cruel memories. I told my story so others may find courage to tell theirs.

Things could have been very different for me, but I met Max. Max helped me through the darkest hours of my life, he got me back out there to face the world and change my ways. Speaking out about depression should be easy. If you broke a leg would you lie in bed and say nothing. Seeking help for mental health is just the same as going to get treatment for any other illness.

I’m often asked ‘If I could go back in time what would I change?’ Nothing I reply. I’d do it all again to have another twelve years with this dog. He waited for me on that mountain, now I will wait for him.

This little dog has given so much to so many.

There are so many other animals out there giving the same comfort, confidence and companionship to their owners. That’s why for Max’s birthday we’re supporting the PDSA to raise money to help so many pets who offer the same love and devotion to their owners. Helping them daily through the turmoils of life

If you feel comfortable and are able to donate to the PDSA  please click the link below

Or if you prefer to donate by post using a cheque made payable to the PDSA

please send it to:

Max Out in the Lake District
The Pawstore
Unit 2 Sunset Hill
CA12 4AJ

To date, Max Paddy and Harry have helped raise a staggering £335,000.00 for many charities.

We’d like to thank each and everyone who has helped or donated in Max Paddy and Harry’s name. Money is tight we know. But every penny we give goes to help others and sometimes we fall apart and need a helping hand to get back up.

Prince Harry's Birthday Fundraiser for Scotty's Little Soldiers with Chinook Force

Today we remember the fallen, the heroes that never returned from their final tour.

Today is Remembrance Sunday, but tomorrow and the day after we must remember them also

We think of the loss that many families have to face, the child that will grow up without their mummy. The daddy that will never get to play football with his son, the daughter that will not have her father to walk her down the aisle or the little boy who will never get to hug his mum before he says goodnight. Lest we forget and the memories fade away.

 November is a month to remember, while also being the month of our Prince Harry’s birthday. And this year, to mark the occasion, while paying tribute to those children for who Remembrance is every day, we’re asking for a small donation, no matter how small, to help a charity that offers integral support to bereaved Forces children at a time when they need it the most.


Scotty’s Little Soldiers is a charity that supports children and young people who have lost a parent who served in the British Armed Forces. Founder, Nikki Scott, set up the charity after her husband, Corporal Lee Scott, was killed inaction in Afghanistan in 2009, leaving behind two young children - Kai was 5 and Brooke was just 7 months. 

Nikki witnessed first hand the effect the loss of a parent can have on a child. It was on a family holiday some 9 months after Lee’s death that Nikki saw her 5-year-old son Kai laugh and smile for the first time since his dad’s death. Nikki realised there must be so many more children who had also lost a parent who served in the British Armed Forces but hadn’t had that opportunity to smile again. She decided to set up the charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers to do just that, to help their children smile. That was back in 2010 and since then Scotty’s has continued to grow and the support available to the children has developed. So far this year, Scotty’s has supported 449 children across the UK.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers does lots of things to support its members, including providing access to the very best health and wellbeing care, offering educational support, and delivering outstanding development opportunities through a range of activity and educational grants. Scotty’s also helps put smiles back on those brave faces by providing respite breaks, posting the children birthday and Christmas presents and remembering the anniversary of their parent’s death, as well as arranging events where bereaved Forces children from all over the UK come together to have a great time and form friendships with kids in the same situation.

124006168_3532454743444315_9009874461874274308_n 1jpg

On Wednesday we were exceptionally honoured to spend time with some of the incredible team from RAF Odiham, Chinook Force. The RAF Chinooks have seen extensive service in the Falklands War, the Balkans, Northern Ireland, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Amazing aircraft flown and operated by heroes

Carrying troops, fuel, munitions, vehicles and even used for operating theatres whilst flying back to base, today we remember the ones that these guys brought home, the ones who will never see red poppies grow, the ones that their children will never get to embrace.

Our military forces support us in times of need and it’s our duty to support them in theirs.

Please no matter how small the donation if you could and are able to support Scotty's Little Soldiers click the link below: